I am Mr. Horikawa, President of Suzuki-Sumiden Stainless Steel Wire Co., Ltd.

Established in 2007, our company celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017. Our many loyal customers have enabled our success, and I deeply appreciate their support.

The economic environment for the stainless steel wire business has become increasingly challenging. Information and technological innovation is accelerating, and market conditions reflect not only the diversification of user needs, but also changes in the domestic demand structure, due to a shift in customers to other parts of Asia.

The global tide is rising much faster than even we expected. More than ever, I believe that our company now needs to think and act from a global standpoint, in order to keep from being left behind.

In 2019, under the slogan of "Aiming to Be the World's Number One Stainless Steel Wire Manufacturing Group," our companies in Japan and abroad are facing the challenge together, with a positive attitude toward change and the aim to develop new markets. I believe that our products can be used not only in conventional goods, but also to meet a broader range of needs around the world by promoting the development of new products.

We will continue to work toward further growth in the future by offering new value with our stainless steel wire.