Protection of Personal Data

NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN SG WIRE CO., LTD. and its group companies have developed the following privacy protection policies in regard to all private data related to or acquired as a result of our business activities.

1. Our company complies with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines, and establishes our own rules in-company to protect the privacy of our clients.

  • 1) Our company complies with the "Laws Regarding Private Data Protection," as well as related laws and regulations, and strives to assure that our businesses follow the guidelines specified by governmental agencies.
  • 2) Our company takes appropriate measures to protect data privacy by establishing in-company regulations regarding private data management.
  • 3) Our company thoroughly educates and directs employees regarding the protection of private data, including the laws, regulations and in-company guidelines referenced above. In addition, we continually revise, upgrade and improve our privacy protection policies and regulations.

2. Basic Policies Regarding the Acquisition and Use of Private Data

  • 1) Our company only uses the private data we acquire for specifically identified purposes, and informs the user of those purposes or states them publicly when collecting that data directly. We will also disclose such usage after acquisition, as appropriate, if that individual so requests
    (except as otherwise required by law).
  • 2) Private data acquired shall only be used for the originally intended purpose and will not be provided to a third party or used for a purpose other than that originally intended, without the express permission of the individual concerned. Our company will take appropriate measures in regard to purpose and content disclosure, correction and suspension of use, at the request of the individual (except as otherwise required by law).
  • 3) Our company takes measures to prevent misuse of private data, such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering and leakage, while maintaining data integrity and keeping personal information up to date.

  • 4) Our company takes appropriate measures when entrusting private data processing to others, through contractual specifications regarding the management responsibility of entrusted entities.

3. Inquiries

Individuals may contact our company's Administration Dept. directly for matters pertaining to the management of their own private data.

Administration Dept., SUZUKI-SUMIDEN STAINLESS STEEL WIRE CO., LTD. TEL: 047-476-4052