Suzuki-Sumiden stainless steel wire is used in a variety of things the world depends on these days—from home appliances and office and communication equipment to automobile parts and spacecraft—and has earned a strong reputation for reliability.

The stainless steel wire utilized for springs is suited to a range of applications, and produced taking full advantage of the advanced manufacturing technologies we have accrued over many years.

Our stainless steel wire utilized for screws and bolts is suited for many types of press processing, including not only small screws, wood screws but also specialized fasteners with complex shapes.

These types of wire are widely used in various applications, such as wire mesh, conveyors, plumbing products and building exteriors. We offer a wide variety of steel grades and characteristics—high heat resistance, corrosion resistance, strength, nonmagnetic properties and more—that are designed to meet specific customer needs.

Please contact us to discuss what you need, even if it doesn't involve products like springs, screws or mesh. We can meet the demands of numerous applications, including medical, aircraft, food and others.